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what is happiness

Posted by Seancglover - July 11th, 2018

I've been looking for the answer for a very long time. With two attempted suicides, days of sleep depredation and starvation, to unfaithful relationships, to untrustworthy friends, to a dead end job, to groups feeding off greed and hypocrisy, to two faced people, to having now life goals or direction, to the people that tell you to give up or to those who belittle people smaller than themselves. What a world to be alive in. What a fuckin waste.


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Absolutely agree with you Mr.Sean

I gotta be a special snowflake since I didnt expierence any of these

i have delt with all of that as well what sucks so much. from a small age i already saw the horrible for what it was because of what was going on around me. i learned that happiness can be anything. from the helping hand from others, to helping others yourself. i even can feel happy if i see a little kid smile about something small or if i can make something exactily like i wanted it to. i learned to see positive things in the smaller things in life and never expect something. that way i am prepaired for the worst and am not suprised but i am also happy when i am suprised. being positive is hard though. i have been in a batle with depression almost my whole life but i try to see the good things about the small things and if i can't be happy i atleast am willing to make others happy or try to help them out. atleast i tried to be usefull in some way. but for me happiness can be in anything and anyone. it just depends on the time, and place. i hope you fill find some happiness in your life as well. everyone deserves that. just try to keep your chin up and try to stay positive and otherwise do something you love. but i hope you will feel (alot of) happiness soon.