The Kelzad / GPS Rant is OUT

2017-07-14 16:33:15 by Seancglover

Remember to watch the whole video before judging. thank you for your time.


heres the script for those who care


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2017-07-14 16:35:01

It was well worth and a good rant in my opinion.
Everything here appears to be true in my opinion (:

Seancglover responds:

thanks bb <3


2017-07-14 16:43:22

God thank
Finally..after half month of delay

Seancglover responds:

apologies, I hope it was worth the wait in some way :)


2017-07-14 16:53:10

Finally. Good job

Seancglover responds:

cheers man :)


2017-07-14 16:55:00


Seancglover responds:

you're nice


2017-07-14 16:55:23

AAAAAAND the result iiiiiis...
Kelzad is gay!!

Seancglover responds:

I'm gay for you


2017-07-14 17:09:17


Seancglover responds:



2017-07-14 17:21:23

Oh boi!

Seancglover responds:

lube up daddy


2017-07-14 17:33:41


Seancglover responds:



2017-07-14 17:37:24



2017-07-14 17:37:40

Really well made. Good rant

Seancglover responds:

thanks bruh


2017-07-14 17:47:00

So I watched entirely of this movie,and I gotta say I expected something way different,but I got something way better! Everything seems to be well thought and written. As a whole I dont have any side between Gp and Madczech,I like everyone in gp kinda personally (except gabe that I only talked once,tho he seems to be a nice guy^.^) but if I were to say something said almost everything,I dont really have to add anything myself except that I dont really like him personally,due having my reasons (he dosent really like me too,but its understandable). Im not too good in writing long texts,so I end up here. Good job! Really great!

Seancglover responds:

thanks friend, have a nice day :)


2017-07-14 17:54:07

You deverse to be respected in the community, I'm not sure for Kelzad.

Seancglover responds:

thanks bud, I'm getting into animation more. i'd love to get back into madness animation and create some content for the folks to enjoy


2017-07-14 18:26:58

dAM... ashamed i didn't get a cameo for harrassing cymbourine :(


Seancglover responds:

you always have a cameo in my heart.


2017-07-14 18:50:15

wow. I never knew Kelzad was such a bastard >~<

Seancglover responds:

that's one way to look at it :)


2017-07-14 19:05:17

I didn't liked kelzad before, And so, this nothing change at all in my mind. But still, it's good thing, that you made there. I need agree with Deron, that you really should be respected in this... Ruined community

Seancglover responds:

I appreciate your support friend


2017-07-14 19:37:44

this was good

Seancglover responds:

Thanks baby, keep up those fresh tracks


2017-07-16 05:26:48

Tbh--------------------------my words! :)

I think Kelzad will not respond to this tho

Seancglover responds:

Tucks his tail between his legs


2017-07-16 14:25:39


Seancglover responds:



2017-07-17 14:38:54



2017-07-17 17:17:05

I was expecting this to be a lot more childish than it actually was, but it turned out to be really well written. Good job.
You left out some stuff about the web design stuff like how I offered to help at first (or how you blocked me after you bought the domain), but that's fair since the video was a Kelzad rant, (and you did admit it was childish, which is cool since you're admitting you're own mistakes.) not an equal summing up of both sides.
But yeah, well written, and actually watched all of it and it was really in depth, I couldn't help but feel you really cherry picked a lot of stuff though, with many text chats being blurred out, or cropped so we couldn't see more context. But whatever, definitely one of the more solid rants.

Very spicy, hot hot, ouch. OH AND ANOTHER THING, Kelzad didn't hire me! Man, you got that wrongo boy, I wish you would have asked me first. I only told kelzad about it after i made that garbage site which was on par with yours in 2 hours lol.

Okay, anyways, yeah, good rant. Thoroughly enjoyed it, you also did a good job keeping personal stuff out of it (your gf and stuff)
Bye for now you hottie, xoxoxo <3

Seancglover responds:

I'll respond in part 2.


2017-07-17 20:43:08

The first time I see someone who I actually agree with. I've always knew that kelzad was an asshole and he really doesn't deserve all the positive attention he is getting. But I gotta say that djjanner also never answered any comments I or any other fan left in his posts/videos, but appart from that this was a great video and it was also uploaded in my birthday which is weird.

Seancglover responds:

glad you enjoyed.


2017-07-18 16:08:15

Okay, look forward to it :)
Add me on discord if you wanna ask any questions personally

Seancglover responds:

pm me your username.


2017-07-26 04:14:39

I don't really give a shit about all this drama, but man, i gotta say. If DeronMadness agrees with you, you must be truly wrong.