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Hey, I'm Sean. I'm unsuccessful with stuff. I'm the Webmaster for PN2 I run the official PN2 Podcast, I'm the founder of the Madness Archive, I am the lead administrator for the PN2 Forums, I am #1 backer of PN2 and I am the lead QA tester for the game.

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Seancglover's News

Posted by Seancglover - October 29th, 2017

Watch this space. News approaches.

Posted by Seancglover - September 27th, 2017

So that was a thing. nice art this year. speaking of i worked for 7 months with 17 artists to produce an art book for krinkels, thanking him for 15 years of entertainment.




other than this, still working on Madness Pixelization. the nes style newgrounds game, hopefully might be close to done next year. who knows. or cares.



Dawi (idk social media)
Kate (no social media)
Kera (idk link)
SpectrumW (idk link)

Posted by Seancglover - September 6th, 2017

Sad day, after a corruption during a live stream with no recent backups of the animation. As well as multiple failed attempts, to import the resulting swf file, along with many attempts with decompiling the animation. I'm afraid dankness 9 is dead. thanks to all who sent in sprites. I'm afraid I am no longer going to continue the project.

Posted by Seancglover - August 30th, 2017

Hey guys, made a post over on the forums to promote the contest for the new Madness shirt design. This shirt will be a limited run and will be used for future Madness Day events and other giveaways. Working with @TomFulp with other rewards for madness day too. so stay tuned guys.

deadline for art is may 20th

go check it out!

Posted by Seancglover - August 25th, 2017


More news on that sometime soon.

Posted by Seancglover - July 29th, 2017


Posted by Seancglover - July 14th, 2017

Remember to watch the whole video before judging. thank you for your time.


heres the script for those who care https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_Igckn67oFZ6SK8IqsBJwGxd0X8aPf4GycLPf1YNN9Q/edit?usp=sharing

Posted by Seancglover - July 10th, 2017


at some point, its over half an hour long atm. so im still editing this shit. i filmed it all today :/


Posted by Seancglover - July 1st, 2017

alright, the rant is postponed a few days, reason being is on the 29th I had my driving test, which I had to focus on. I passed but means I didn't work on the video for the last like 2 weeks. Either way I'm gonna be working on it on Sunday and Monday shouldn't be too far away. They say giving dates to projects gives false hope. But it gets me off my ass to work on them. I passed my driving test with 5 minors. Yay. 


Posted by Seancglover - June 11th, 2017

Ok, with just under 3 weeks until the rant goes out. there's a few thing i want to clear up.


1. just because you dislike kelzad, GPS or anything inbetween do not take this as an opportunity to use this video as a reason to attack either kelzad or GPS, including his discord server. THIS IS NOT A HATE VIDEO. don't treat it like one. and you are only making it worse by joining in on the hate.


2. the script is up to 7 pages, just got a few pieces to iron out and then its light, cameras, action. and the cutting room floor. i could release the video now. but i feel a video of this significance should have hard evidence and hundreds and hundreds of proofreading.


3. it will be released July 1st, June 31st was a joke. either way, some people are excited about it, kelzad himself. this has been a project of mine for the last two years. that being said don't take this as a blockbuster production. these things just take time, either way, let's stop hating each other and have fun. it's a cartoon after all.

- Sean xoxo