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Hey, I'm Sean. I'm unsuccessful with stuff. I'm the Webmaster for PN2 I run the official PN2 Podcast, I'm the founder of the Madness Archive, I am the lead administrator for the PN2 Forums, I am #1 backer of PN2 and I am the lead QA tester for the game.

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Posted by Seancglover - April 16th, 2018

Since flash may or may not end in 2020, is it work archiving all madness games also? even if they become unplayable in the future? may leave them for download too incase a flah solution is made.


anyway, we are about 400 movies into our madness day list, @BizWuzzZuzz is a monster on swivel. anyway, that reaches half way through 2010, should hopefully be watchable around madness day. dont quote me on that, but to those who uploaded madness day animations in mp4's a swf backup would be great. an .fla is even better if its exporting a swf with raw audio. anyhoo, back to swivel.




Posted by Seancglover - March 21st, 2018


Posted by Seancglover - February 9th, 2018

Yo, will be updating this post whenever I upload more sprite sheets, so keep your eyes on this space. was going to do them all in one fla. But it would be a huge file and a fucking mess to organise so maybe one day ill do it.

Also for some reason in the first few films, Krinkels animated grunts with movieclips instead of directly in layers on the canvas for some reason. So I just left all the movie clips in there.

MADNESS COMBAT 1 (CS6)  (Flash 8)

MADNESS COMBAT 2 (CS6)  (Flash 8)

MADNESS COMBAT 3 (CS6)  (Flash 8)

MADNESS COMBAT 4 (CS6)  (Flash 8)

MADNESS COMBAT 5 (CS6)  (Flash 8)

MADNESS COMBAT 5.5 (CS6)  (Flash 8)

MADNESS COMBAT 6 (CS6)  (Flash 8)

MADNESS COMBAT 6.6 (CS6)  (Flash 8)

MADNESS COMBAT 7 (CS6)  (Flash 8)

MADNESS COMBAT 7.6 (CS6)  (Flash 8)

MADNESS COMBAT 8 (CS6)  (Flash 8)

MADNESS COMBAT 9 (CS6)  (Flash 8)

MADNESS COMBAT 10 (CS6)  (Flash 8)


INCIDENT: 111A (CS6)  (Flash 8)

INCIDENT: 1000A (CS6)  (Flash 8)

INCIDENT: 110A (CS6)  (Flash 8)

INCIDENT: 001A (CS6)  (Flash 8)

INCIDENT: 011A (CS6)  (Flash 8)

INCIDENT: 100A (CS6)  (Flash 8)

INCIDENT:  101A (CS6)  (Flash 8)

INCIDENT: 010A (CS6)  (Flash 8)


GARBAGE (CS6)  (Flash 8)

PISS (CS6)  (Flash 8)

CRAP (CS6)  (Flash 8)

MUSIC VIDEO (CS6)  (Flash 8)


TRICKY MADNESS 2 (CS6)  (Flash 8)


Posted by Seancglover - February 2nd, 2018



Still a wip. Hoping to meet the September deadline again huge thanks to the sexy boi scepterDPinoy for his amazing art on the project.

Special thanks to Cethic for lending his musical magic.

BIG thanks to CriticalAwesome for partnering on this and getting it made.

Posted by Seancglover - January 8th, 2018

Going better than expected. Completed all of MD 2007. Totallng 152 movies did a stream lasting 4 hours non interrpted.


I expect MD 08 to be done by Wednesday or Thursday.


Posted by Seancglover - January 5th, 2018

Hey yo,as i said in my last post. im still working on the madness archive. also looking for people to help out with the rendering process. as BizWuzzZuzz explained in his post a process in which it would work. just hit me up in the DM's if interested we will work out a way to get to work.

As of right now im 30 animations into madness day 07. by mid next week i expect to be around hopefully 70 - 80.  of course with help a lot higher.

Posted by Seancglover - January 1st, 2018

Henlo, im still working on converting all madness anims to mp4, i have done all madness day submissions almost 600 animations. but its hard to do by myself. to submit an animation use the link below. my goal it to have every fan animation ever made.


once done, these will be hosted on an external site.



Posted by Seancglover - November 18th, 2017


With 90% of the design of stage 1 done, its on to stage 2!

Posted by Seancglover - November 13th, 2017

short clip, current state is going well. just time consuming room building. currently still on the first level with 4 other stages complete asset wise, so some fine tuning and madness day should be a good deadline


Posted by Seancglover - October 31st, 2017

Madness Short coming at some point, threw the effects in last minute to get some ideas going, sound effects were added in post so it wasnt silent. hey ho. its a thing